In todays world data driven decision making is becoming foremost business requirement.

Both BI and AI are extremely critical but most misunderstood tools

In simple explanation, BI refers to the process of collecting and empowering analyzation various data whereas AI refers to the use of computer based instructions created to mimic human behavior and enable them to take decisions like humans.

Main focus areas of BI and AI

Business Intelligence is aimed at collecting, reporting and analyzing the data.

This basically helps organisations to collect quality data focusing on analyzing it to see the outcome.

The catch here though is that BI cannot tell you what action needs to be taken, it can only help one to understand that what has happened and what is the data telling.

Monitoring business activity on daily basis– and utilizing data for spreadsheets creation, dashboards, metrics, graphs etc. allowing one to organize data and make traditionally difficult decisions much more easily.

The word analysis predominantly means, that it can only help one to understand what has been the trend.

Artificial Intelligence hence scores over BI today as it not only helps one to understand the trend but also tells what needs to be done based on data behavior.

The main focus is to mimic the human behaviour by programming the data collected enabling machines or simply computers to take decisions.

It allows people to use data in a way where the machines can not only prescribe but also act without any human indulgence.

Chatbots are the most common example one can related to where AI has made significant contributions.

AI and BI aren’t mutually exclusive to each other yet dependent in some scenarios.

In future though there are high chances that BI usage might get dependent on AI though both are extremely powerful tools.

At the end, it will be very right to say that AI is the future and someone who has BI exposure must get to learning of Machine Learning or AI and some with no knowledge of both must chose to be part of AI.